A Journey into Baseball. 

I am Bud Norris, a starting pitcher. I've helped Atlanta, San Diego, Baltimore, Houston and Los Angeles in the pursuit of the elusive World Series championship.


Baseball is a great metaphor for life. Sometimes we're not the best, or not at our best, but ultimately we just have to persevere and make things happen through sheer determination. I was 5'2" in high school and never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be playing pro ball for a decade. Yet here I am. Wiser, taller and throwing 97.

Below is my story, as told through one June game and mostly through the voice of one of my heroes, Vin Scully. I was on the Braves, pitching against Kershaw and the Dodgers. These stories are full of Scully-isms and left several family members in tears, but ultimately Kershaw one upped Scully and left me with a nice bruise on my back... compliments of a hit by pitch. Now? I'm on Kershaw and Scully's team -- loving every minute of it. 


BORN MARCH 2, 1985

"The story on Norris is his real name is David. David Norris Jr. They say, with the family they went into a restaurant and he was about three years old, and some of the grown up adults ordered beer. The waiter turned to young Norris and asked him what will you have son, he replied, ‘Bud.’ That broke up everyone and from that moment on, he became Bud. Bud Norris. Now, wiser and older." 

-Vin Scully



Norris a great all-around athlete growing up. He played football, baseball, basketball, swimming, water polo, golf and whatever else kids dream up. So again, a 2-2 count, Norris is ready and here he comes. Ground ball to short and Castro takes dead aim and that’s that. So Bud Norris, a nice inning for him, a strikeout and a couple ground balls.” 

-Vin Scully

(die hard niners and warriors fan)



"I’m sure every pitcher has a certain routine and Norris certainly has one. His 1-0 pitch and Seagar takes high. Ball two. For instance, exactly an hour and five minutes before the first pitch of a game, let’s say a 7:10PM start, he is in the shower at 6PM. He showers, changes, stretches, headphones and bullpen. Goes to the mound at 6:45ish. By the way, one of the things he does before every baseball game is puts his baseball pants on two legs at a time. Here is the pitch, change and it’s in there for a strike. And as he says, ‘try it sometime.’ Pants, two legs at a time. Who would have though"

-Vin Scully


“Pitch on the way, fastball is low. Norris is throwing hard, I didn’t expecting that, he just hit 96 MPH. One of Norris’ prized possessions, his grandfather gave him a baseball autographed by Joe Dimaggio. Since Norris grew up just outside of San Francisco, I can certainly understand the importance. And meanwhile, Turner takes another 96er [mph] for strike."

-Vin Scully 



Norris' Major league debut was in June 2009 against the Cards, he threw 6 innings w/ no hits and 7 shutout innings.


TRADED JULY 31, 2013

Baltimore acquired Norris at the trade deadline for the stretch playoff run.



I won 15 games in 2014, going 9-1 against the AL East, and earning the win against Detroit in the playoffs. 

(I threw 6 and 1/3 shutout innings against Detroit for my first playoff win)


I was signed by the Padres, finishing a challenging season in San Diego.



Atlanta picked me up in the offseason, and I am stoked to be part of a storied franchise.

(I grew up idolizing the great Braves teams of my youth)


TRADED JUNE 30, 2016

Dodgers acquired me after a five start stretch of 2.15 ERA. I replaced Kershaw in the rotation and tossed 6 innings, 8 strikeouts, 2 hits and 0 walks in my Dodger debut.


There you have it, the short timeline of my career.  A little luck + great family + lots of hard work.

(baseball is unpredictable, embrace the change)



(I try to answer every email)